The space
Understanding how artworks interact with their surrounding is crucial to making the most it. Our experienced consultants have a thorough understanding of contemporary artworks, how they are best viewed, positioned or hung. They know what works are available and which artists’ work will suit your environment. We will always suggest a few options for each space or room. 3-dimensional plans are normally provided to enable you to see how an artwork will occupy the space.

The budget
We source artworks from young recently-graduated artists, from established artists and from critically acclaimed artists with international reputations. We like to include a few up-and-coming artists in any proposal, as well as some showpieces by key contemporary artists.

In 2003 we assembled a complete collection on behalf of a client. It comprised of 15 works from young artists, all purchased for less than £5,000 (total spend was just under £65,000). We included photography, a video piece, sculpture and several paintings – all artworks were sourced from artists at an early stage in their career, and the result was a stunning group of cutting edge pieces. This collection has recently been valued at just over £180,000.

Depending on the brief, we work either on a commission basis or for a flat fee. We are often able to negotiate discounts from galleries, which usually covers our fees. Some clients prefer to pay a retainer for the project, depending on how their budgets are allocated.